Dragon Universe – Combat / Stat Guide

Stat System

Combat Stats

Strength: Primary damage stat for Physical Damage. Durability: Primary defensive stat for Physial Damage. Speed: Decreases delay between actions. Force: Primary damage stat for Ki Damage. Resistance: Primary defensive stat for Ki Damage. Offense: Increases your chance to hit. Reduced chance of deflection. Defense: Decreases your chance to be hit. Increased chance of deflection.

Non-Combat Stat Mods

Energy: Decreases drain from majority of actions. Regen: Increases the amount of health regained per second. Recovery: Increases the amount of ki regained per second. Anger: Increases the power multiplier of being angered.

Modless / Modded Mode

In DU, there are two stat systems: Modded and Modless.
  • Modless uses a combined stat pool based on your combat stats.
  • Modded allocates a multiplier to each individual stat.

    Balance Rating

    Balance Rating is a system designed to counteract the impact of “min-maxing” and “stat whoring” in DU.
  • In Modded mode, this is only affected by stat dumping and over-focusing a stat beyond its mod.
  • In Modless mode, this is affected by your overall stat spread. The more 'unbalanced' a build is, the larger the stat cap reduction is. eg. 0.8 Balance Rating = -20% Stat Cap.

    Combat System

    Battle Power

    Essentially, by having a larger BP than your opponent, you receive bonuses in all combat calculations, scaling with the size of the BP gap.
  • This includes increased hit chance, increased dodge chance, dealing increased damage, receiving reduced damage.
  • The scaling of BP bonuses starts low but is exponential.

    Melee Combat

    Melee attacks hit in a 3 tile wide arc, with a range of 1 tile.
  • Damage is based on the attacker's Strength versus the defender's Durability.
  • Attack Rate is based solely on the attacker's speed.
  • Hit Chance is based on the attacker's Offense versus the defender's Defense.


    Swords alter the mechanics of melee combat by allowing a player to multiply their damage in exchanged for reduced hit chance. They can be configured to deal energy damage, which has a lower base damage, with scaling split evenly between Strength and Force. In addition, Swords can be given a 'silver edge' to gain a significant damage increase against zombies and vampires.


    Armor allows the user to decrease physical damage taken, aswell as slightly decrease ki damage taken. Armor has two points of scaling.
  • Protection reduces the Offense and Defense of the wearer, giving them a significant increase to Durability and a very minor increase to Resistance.
  • Heaviness heavily reduces the Speed of the wearer, giving a significant increase to Durability and a minor increase to Resistance.


    Projectile based attacks such as Blast, Charge and Shurikens, follow a simpler system. They have three components. Damage Multiplier, Deflection Difficulty and Refire Rate.
  • Damage Multiplier decides how well the projectile scales against the damage stat it uses.
  • Deflection Difficulty decides how well the projectile scales against the user's Offense.
  • Refire Rate decides how often the projectile can be fired. All projectiles have a chance to home in on targets within a reasonable distance of their path, based on a character's blast homing chance.

    Side Hits and Back Hits

    If a melee or projectile attack connects with either the side or back of a character, it will gain a bonus to both damage and accuracy.
  • Side hits gain a smaller bonus to damage and accuracy.
  • Back hits gain a large bonus to damage and accuracy.


    Zanzoken is a technique which allows the player to instantly move short to medium distances by clicking the target tile they wish to move to.
  • It holds a set number of charges which are consumed on use, but are slowly regained over time.
  • The amount of uses that can be stored is based on the user's speed.


    Knockback causes your character to be sent flying and unable to act for the duration of the animation.
  • The distance travelled, is based on the power of the attack and its knockback multiplier.
  • Knockback is limited to how often it can occur, except in regards to Melee attacks.
  • Knockback can be resisted by having higher resistance to the damage type of the attack.

    Death Regeneration

    Death Regeneration allows characters to come back to life, if killed by a physical attack and weaker ki attacks.
  • The amount of power required to bypass the Death Regeneration is based on the level of Death Regeneration the target has.
  • Majins have the highest, Namekians have the lowest.
  • Absorb is able of bypassing Death Regeneration but is less effective and requires more power to do so.


    Precognition is an ability with an ammo system. It holds five 'charges' at once, which once empty, refill after sixty seconds.
  • When triggered, a single charge will be consumed and the attack will be automatically dodged.
  • The chance of precognition triggering, is decided by the user.
  • Once all charges are consumed, attacks will work as normal.


    Stun is a stacking debuff, with a limited duration, that disables Zanzoken and reduces movement and attack speed.
  • Attacks with Stun have reduced damage but inflict a debuff on the target, if it hits.
  • Stun is easily identifiable by a blue static electricity overlay on your character.


    Shield is a technique which automatically converts damage to a player's health, into damage to a player's energy.
  • The damage to energy, is reduced by a percentage which scales with the user's Energy mod.
  • Smaller ranged attacks, are automatically deflected by the Shield, with reduced cost.
  • Whilst using Shield, a player's energy recovery is reduced by a significant amount.

    Blast Absorb

    Blast Absorb is a cybernetic enhancement that allows the user to absorb any projectile or beam attack that would hit head on.
  • Instead of taking the damage, a percentage of it is added to the user's energy.
  • However, if too much energy is absorbed, the user will be knocked out and the module will overload.

    Custom Buff

    Custom Buff is a fully customizable skill that allows the user to alter the appearance and stats of their character, almost like their very own transformation.
  • The stat changes work by allowing you to reduce certain stats to increase others.
  • The stat changes are multipliers to your overall stats, when activated. eg. Reduce Strength to 0.7x, gaining 3 points, putting them into Speed, to get 1.3x Speed.


    Splitform is a technique which splits the users power, to create an NPC copy of themselves, which they can order to attack or follow targets.
  • To command them, the user simply clicks the Splitform itself, or the relevant icon in the bottom left of their screen.
  • Each splitform made, halves the user's power. eg.1 -> ½ -> ¼


  • AL, Afterlife.
  • AoE, Area of Effect.
  • BP, Battle Power.
  • Cyber BP, a form of BP obtained through cyberizing.
  • Cybering, roleplaying sexual activties.
  • Cyberizing, the process of turning a character into a cyborg.
  • Cyborg, a character with Cybernetic BP / Modules.
  • DBs, Dragon Balls.
  • Decline, the age at which you begin to lose power.
  • EG, Earth Guardian.
  • ERP, Erotic Roleplay.
  • EZing, the use of external tools to perform autonomous actions. (eg. AFK Training)
  • HBTC, Hyper Bolic Time Chamber.
  • HBTC BP, a form of BP that you are either born with or earn through HBTC training.
  • IC, In-Character.
  • Incline, the age at which you reach your full power.
  • OOC, Out-Of-Character.
  • PC, Power Control.
  • PU, Power Up.
  • PD, Power Down or Planet Destroy.
  • SAD, Supreme Alpha Deity aka Supreme Kaioshin.
  • SD, Spirit Doll or Self-Destruct
  • SDL, Supreme Demon Lord aka Supreme Daimaou.
  • SE, Super Elite.
  • SF, Split Form.
  • SKS, Supreme Kaioshin aka Supreme Alpha Deity.
  • SSJ, Super Saiya-Jin.
  • USSJ, Ultra Super Saiya-Jin.
  • Verb, a state of gameplay where action is taken. (eg. Combat.)